missed connections.

Sometimes I like to read Missed Connections on Craigslist late at night. Usually those from New York City; alot of them are well spoken and read like a dream. Sometimes I get lost in them and find myself making up little stories about who these people are, what they do, what drew them to the other person.

Well tonite; admist all the snow up north; these caught my eye all the way from New York City.

"my group of friends picked a snowball fight with your group of friends at mccarren park on wednesday late afternoon. we were each other's favorite targets. the whole 2nd grade "pick on the one you like most" thing was in effect. you told me i left a few bruises on your legs and said i was a worthy Adversary. i was wearing a black coat and black pants, brown hat and have long blond hair. You had a Blue coat and black pants i believe... i should have asked for your number or at the least asked where you and your friends were going to catch a beer. hopefully you'll read this and make up for my infraction"

Followed by this:

"Dark haired girl in red cap and brown coat seeks bearded (redhead??) cutie with glasses. Our separate groups of friends started an impromptu snow ball fight with each other at McCarren Park around 6pm. You have terrible aim and cannot really make a proper snow angel but I found you adorable. Please write!"

What are the odds? My stomach was literally in knots for them. Does Blondie have a beard? Or does he have a redheaded, Bearded friend? Will he read Red Hat girl's post and tell his Bearded buddy? Will his Bearded pal then go out with Red Hat girl and ask about Blue coat (he owes Blondie after all)? Will Blondie and Blue coat meet and fall in love and get married at McCarren Park on a snowy afternoon?

What if no one reads it at all? Do you ever consider the possibility that someone was longing to talk to you and you walked right past them? What if you never noticed the love of your life?

I know opening my eyes and looking around at the people staring back at me was one of the best decisions I ever made. It brought me to my husband; it showed me love. What's your take on fate?

*le sigh* I'm such a romantic. I didn't mean to get all sappy on you. I hope you enjoyed the illustrations too; Sophie Blackball draws Missed Connections and sells them in her Etsy shop. I think they'd make a great last minute Valentine's Day present. xo.


. Becca . said...

Great post, Rox!! I too, LOVE reading missed connections! Great find on that etsy shop. How clever and CUTE CUTE CUTE!


Ms. Rahl said...

sooo cute! :) made me smile on this snowy morning!

Kate said...

Oh, I hope they find each other and live happily ever after! I've decided that they will have the most wonderful Valentines Day together EVER! Ever, I tell you!

Nicole Ioma said...

Oh my gosh I love this post. I might have to start checking the missed connections now, I go crazy over that stuff. The people should definitely post updates if they've found each other!

Chelsea said...

I love reading these too!

Chelsea said...

p.s. do you think anyone has every actually found their someone from 'Missed Connections' and fallen in love?!