worth every minute.

It's fair to say I spend a little too much time reading blogs I love. Then one blog leads to another, which leads to a great Etsy shop, which leads to another blog, which leads....I think you get it.

Well now there's Blog it Forward. When I first saw it on Victoria's blog (one of my faves) I was a) bummed I didn't get in on the gig and then b) adamant about staying away! Ok, that didn't last at all. It's the first day of 300 bloggers writing about what inspires them, then directing the reader to another blog.

Needless to say, this is going to be worth every minute. I really hope to get in on it next time, but I think I'll be thoroughly satiated with pretty things to look at until then. Just look at what I found today!

I must have this and some snow to go with it.

Be *still* my heart. This photo takes my breath away.

Oh what's that, you're sending me one of these for Valentine's day? You're so sweet!

See what I'm saying? This is going be one stellar treasure hunt (and/or money thief). Want to join me in spending an exorbitant amount of time on these blogs over the next month?

I'm now off to brainstorm some awesome changes the blog and finish up a few projects. Have a great day!


Erin Wallace said...

Got snowed in and my computer went on the fritz, so I got behind on all of my blog reading! I am LOVING all of your Valentines Day finds and would love to receive any of them! I especially love that necklace with the white stone - great great piece! And the Fortune cookies - they are wonderful! Nice stuff, as always, Roxanne!

Jennifer said...

oh i love that necklace! <3

K P said...

Oh dear! Etsy storefronts are waaaay too dangerous for me to click on. I'm too easily tempted by beautiful things...

{eleise} said...

that is a great necklace! so great!