super {flea & tell} sunday.

Happy Valentine's day pretties! I hope you're just having the best day ever. In honor of this love filled day, I wanted to try something a little different for this weeks {flea}. I've invited two very special guests to share with us some of their favorite {flea} finds! Better than show and tell, its {flea & tell}!

Say hi to Chelsea! You can catch her hilarity at The Vintage Chair. I love her eye for style, her sass, and reading about her adventures in home renovations with her husband 'Bear'. Chelsea and I have never met in person, but we've been itching to go {flea}ing together because we love it so much!

Chelsea sent me this fabulous picture and said:
"I found this chic vintage, purple, military-inspired peacoat shoved to the back of a rack at a small-town thrift store. It fits like a glove! It's in perfect condition- original brass buttons and all! I only paid seven bucks for it, and I wear it pretty much every day right now since the weather is so cold! It's great being thrifty, toasty, AND stylish!"
Like most of the stuff Chelsea finds, I want one too, ha! The color is just too perfect. PS. Is it me or is it snowing in that picture and she's in peeptoes? Brave girl.

Next, say hi to Jess! You can keep up with Jess at Some Call Me Cake Lady. I had to ask Jess to play along because she is my bestest friend, an awesome mommy, and is really starting to stretch her legs when it comes to {flea}ing. In no part thanks to moi; I'm an enabler.

Jess snapped me this utter cuteness:
"A sewing machine? A tea pot? A sewing machine teapot! Seriously how cute is this little gem! As soon as I saw this in my grandmother's antique shop this week I knew I HAD to have it. The $1.50 price tag was nice too. It's the perfect item to start off a teapot collection. I also picked up the little cow S&P shakers seen behind the tea pot. Another steal for $5! Cuteness!"

A buck fifty? A buck fifty. I call that a deal! I've had the distinct pleasure of stepping into her grandmothers antique shop too and let me tell you; I'd live there if I could and I'd visit everyday. In fact, I'd just move into the store and hang out with Jess and her grandmother all day.

Jess, I'll be there soon to have tea with you; can you make me cake? Jess makes the best cakes.

So, what have you been finding? Let me know if you enjoyed this little {flea & tell}; I'm thinking of doing it again. I have a few little bits of my own for next week that I've been saving. But be sure to come back all this week. Big things are happening here at The 60/40! xo.


Jessica said...

I love Chelsea's jacket!! Super jealous!

miss you lots babe! Love the little show and tell. You are awesome.

Happy Valentine's day. :)

Chelsea said...

those salt and pepper shakers are the cutest!!

and YES it IS snowing, and I AM wearing peep-toe shoes! Pain is beauty, Rox! You know that!

Rebecca Lauren said...

chelsea's jacket is adorable! excellent find, girl!

Kate said...

Oh, man! Those cows are amazing! I have to stop myself every time I see salt and pepper shakers- I feel like I could have a hundred pairs effortlessly. Great finds!