a long and lovely weekend.

It is such a wonderful thing when Josh has an extra long weekend. The Army gives days off for federal holidays and we always make the most of it. I thought I would share our weekend in photos.

Friday it snowed. Yes, in Florida. We drove north to enjoy some pretty flakes and scenery and ended up here. You're looking at Florida's highest point, an almost laughable 345 feet above sea level. Seriously, it was a slope.

It did snow alright. People were in a frenzy, stores were cleared of eggs, milk, and bread. All for this....

Scary right? Josh and I couldn't stop laughing on this excursion. We're used to much higher altitudes and feet of snow at a time before we even flinch.

It was cold enough though for me to wear my favorite sweater. The one with the insanely large turtleneck. It's so warm and cozy, I love it!

We also made it out to Seaside. It's this idyllic little town, the Truman Show was filmed there back in the day. There are all sorts of little boutique shops, restaurants and there are so many homes to ooh and aah over.

I spent most of the drive like this; it was nice enough to roll down the windows a bit and enjoy the sun.

I heart this gazebo leading to the beach so much; it's so fresh and inviting. It was close to sunset and when you went inside and sat on the benches the sunshine bounced around like magic.

Josh and I really love all the little stuff about Seaside too. Everywhere you look people are on cruiser bicycles or in electric golfcarts. Puppies on leashes on every corner and a big grassy knoll in the middle of town for starry summer concerts.

Then there are the Airstream trailers. Right along the main drag are four or five airstream trailers that have all been turned into a different little food stops; a raw juice bar, ice cream, bar-b-que, and a place to get cocktails.

I almost forgot! One is a cupcake shop too; Queen Bee's. It looked sooo yummy.

Isn't their sign the cutest? When we finally went to get some juice they had just closed up, but I could sit in their chairs, sip a yummy smoothie and people watch any day.

We ended our excursion with a beach sunset and saw the movie Valentine's Day (it was no Love Actually, but still really cute. Go see it.)

All in all we had a fantastic weekend. I'm so lucky to have Josh, who never minds just getting in the car and going. The best part is getting lost but still holding hands.

Tell me about your weekend? I want to know what you did with your Valentine. I'm nosy like that. This week I have a few little things to share and hopefully a d-i-y tutorial. See you tomorrow.


ImplausibleYarn said...

Oh that sounds like a fun trip! If it makes you feel better you got more snow then we did up here in Maine.

Jennifer said...

i LOVE seaside! we used to go on vacation every year there when i was in middle & high school....it's soooo wonderful! looks like a wonderful weekend :)

Jessica said...

Looks like a great weekend!

Erin Wallace said...

I'll have to remember Seaside for a future family trip.

Funny about the snow in FL; when I was a kid, my dad lived in TX. It snowed and sleeted one day and shut down the entire panhandle. We Northerners had to tell everyone how to deal with the snow! Memories . . .

Rebecca said...

you look adorable in that pic! i ADORE cupcake shops...something about them selling homemade cutesy little cakes makes me squirm with happiness. sounds like yall had a great weekend!