video crush no.3

Ok, when it comes to viral videos, I'm a sucker for three things: cute kids, kittens and something a little off the charts. I know the last one doesn't fit, but I'm always the girl to laugh at the craziest stuff. I know you have some funnies to share. Please leave me a good belly laugh.

Here's a bit of each to pump you up for the rest of the work day!

1. Cute kiddo + ukele + The Beatles = a grin you can't wipe off your face.

via youtube

2. Ok, so Simon's Cat isn't exactly a kitten. But it's still one of my favorite series of viral videos ever. Josh and I really like it because Hank does the same pawing to wake us up (we call it playing the piano) and the hilarious "mow" when he wants food. I swear if he could point to his mouth like that he would. If you've got a cat, you know.

via youtube

3. This one needs no prefacing. Just know that I laugh so hard I cry every time I see this.

via youtube

"The crack cocaine spider figured building webs was for suckas". Hilarious! The narrators seriousness is what gets me.

Hope they gave you a chuckle. Be on the look out for another video later!

PS. No one wants to play along? C'mon :P

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Chelsea said...

omg that kid... is adorable! haha!