video crush no.4

Video Crush day was so much fun! I totally enjoyed sharing my favorites with you. My last video crush of the day is an indie movie. I love me some Hulu and I often come across some amazing films. Alexandra's Project was a winner at the Montreal Film Festival and let me tell you, it's a total mind twist. I walked away boggled.

I will, however, tell you this; it's almost two hours long and a little slow in the middle; there's nudity and you probably shouldn't watch it in front of the kiddos. But it's tense and dark and opens up to realities that some people don't often consider. Sure, it's a little over the top, but hello, it's a movie.

If you decide to watch the whole shebang, let me know what you thought.

via hulu

Video Crush day has allowed me to get lots done and I still had so much fun. Come back tomorrow for some super cute inspiration and a d-i-y!


rachel! said...

i like your header picture a lot a lot a lotttt!

Roxanne said...

Thanks Rachel. It's the place a cards from my wedding.

Roxanne said...
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