video crush.

Good morning! Do you have any lovely plans for today? I'm going to be packing up more things for our big move, crafting and dancing around my house like the nerd that I am. Want to join in the fun?

 Today's Video Crush day. I'm going to share my favorites right now in music, viral, and film. Play along by adding your favorites on your blog and linking back to The 60/40. Leave me a post in the comments so I can watch all of your favorite stuff when I crash at the end of the day!

I'm going to start with the new video by Vampire Weekend, Giving Up The Gun. I have a slight crush on lead singer Joe Koenig (he's such a geeky dreamboat) and um hello, Jake Gyllenhaal is in the video (yum). Their new album is one of my favorites, I think you'll like it.

Let me know what you think and be sure to check back in about an hour for another video!


Nicole Ioma said...

Haha I love the video! Maybe because of my huge crush on Jake Gyllenhaal... =) thanks for posting it!

Erin Wallace said...

Love that Jake Gyllenhall is drinking while playing tennis! Vampire Weekend is amazing. Love this cd.