lovely knits.

I haven't posted about any knits in a while, huh? Well today it is ugly and dreary outside and all I want is some tea and my knitting. Are you currently making anything? I'm thinking maybe if I start one of these knits, Spring will appear.

I usually don't like phone cozies, but this one makes me smile.

via cotton and cloud : pattern via ravelry

Did you see Melynda's Girasole Blanket? It looks like the coziest thing ever! I'm inspired and envious all at the same time.

via french press knits : pattern via ravelry

I see a Danger Craft monster in my near future. Baby monster, squee!

via danger crafts : pattern via ravelry

I'd love to knit the Springtime Bandit scarf, as long as it doesn't actually steal Spring away.

via kelbourne woolens : pattern via ravelry

Did I ever tell you I have a problem with scarves? I have an insane amount of patterns lined up and I still insist on buying them too.

I know alot of knitters love socks, I just have no desire. But these are so damn pretty. They remind me of tracks coming down a ski slope. Like the photo in this post, right?

via yliveto : pattern via ravelry

You know, I'm sort of digging this citrus and gray color scheme. So pretty and refreshing. What's keeping you inspired today? I could use a push today for sure!


Jennifer said...

i saw those socks on rav too and LOVE them - they went straight into the queue! i'm working on a swallowtail shawl right now - i needed to take a break from etsy knitting & knit something for myself!

Morganism said...

Speaking of knitting, I just found this set of pictures by Daniela Edburg called Killing Time. She uses some very impressive knits in her photographs.


Erin Wallace said...

That Girasole blanket is amazing! She said it didn't take tons of time (but then, she is speedier than me); I want to knit one for my mom as a condo warming gift!

French Press Knits said...

I was just reading your post when I saw a very familiar picture. Thanks of posting my Girasole. I, too have never really had an urge to knit socks, but I just downloaded that pattern- I love them!