busy bee.

I'm sure you can reasonably gather that things here are busy chaotic. There are only four hands here to do what we need to get done, but are we getting it done.

Things a really rolling at this point, but I could use a little encouragement. Give me five thing you are looking forward to this Spring? Get creative.

Here's what I'm looking forward to:

1. My cousin visiting this weekend; he's hilarious.
2. A little going away party with my friends on Saturday.
3. Visiting the beach one, hopefully two, last times.
4. The sunny and adventurous trek to Colorado.
5. Picking up the key to our new ride.

See you back here later tonite.


CwFuss said...

1.)finding out the sex of my baby bean.
2.)spending more days at the park with my little guy.
4.)weddings to shoot and enjoy
5.)walks after dinner with my favorite men

Rebecca said...

1. walks outside w/my husband and the dogs
2. finding out the sex of baby reed
3. warm sunshine
4. a weekend at the lake w/my friends
5. running outside instead of on the treadmill!

Morganism said...

One, warm bicycle rides,
Two, sun-kissed cheeks,
Three, fire hydrant water, street parties,
Four, opening an etsy,
Four and a half, moving to Portland,
Five, finishing school.

Chelsea said...

1.) more indie biz
2.) FINALLY getting our master bedroom put together
3.)stripping and re-building our two bathrooms
4.) planting outside (I'm thinking of doing a vegetable garden this year! I've never done one!)
5.) Road trips to San Antonio AND Indianapolis!