beep beep.

It's been an extremely busy few days. I have had a moving consultation, a cleaning consultation, knitting club, and tons of packing/organizing to do. On top of it;  the weather been beautiful, so naturally all I want is to be outdoors and spend time with my friends. I've also been wanting to do nothing but blog and craft, but at the end of the night I've been so exhausted I just crash. And, I'm starting to get a sore throat, booo!

But, things are getting done. The house is slowly getting organized, so all the movers will have to do is pack up the boxes nice and neat. The things we will take with travel with are slowly getting put in one place, and our little Hank made it to the vet.

Also...beep beep...guess who got a new set of wheels? This gal. We've been in the market for a snow friendly, newish car for a while and today we brought home this beauty.

I'm not "into" cars, but this is perfect for us and our travels. It gets good mileage and has plenty of room to haul our crap stuff. She'll eventually be mine, but until the Army sends Josh overseas, we'll have to share her. I'm trying to thing of a good name for it, my last car was a Malibu named 'Barbie'. Any ideas?

See you bright and early tomorrow; get ready folks, the weekend is upon us!


amanda said...

oooh welcome to the Jeep family! I have a Liberty and I love her. : ) I think I will probably always own a Jeep.

Hope the rest of the moving process goes smoothly... it's so much work but also sooo exciting. This weekend I'm checking out a MASSIVE flea market here in Denver that Im pretty sure is going to be uh-mazing. I'll be sure to let you know haha


Roxanne said...

Just once a year? So sad I'll miss it. Snag some deals!

My dad has a Jeep and ran that sucker into the ground. Here's hoping!

Kate said...

Congrats on the new Jeep! She's so shiny and lovely! Are you going to take her mud running? Oh, god- I sound like a hillbilly! It's ok, I bet you already guessed that considering I'm from Maine!