color me monday.

Morning, morning, what are you doing today? I'm off to knit with some of my favorite women.  Later I'm going to pick a little something up for my sweetie, but's a secret.

 I want to paint my nails this afternoon also. I'm not much of a nailpolish girl, but I picked up this brand called Sula Paint and Peel that I can't wait to try. Literally you peel it off when you want to change colors. Clever right? And look how cute the colors are.

via sula

 I took home the deep navy and grey, but would adore having the teal too. Sula says their polishes are free of all kinds of icky things that are in normal polish and you can pop on a top coat so it lasts longer.

Sooo many cute colors are popping up this spring, it makes me smile to see these pretty paint jobs. What's your favorite hue? I'll let you lovies know how the paint and peel turned out. See you soon. xo


Jessica said...

I love nailpolish on my toes but I struggle with it on my fingernails. I prefer lighter colors on my fingers but I do love dark shades! I need to buy some fun colors for spring.

Can't wait to see your new polish!

Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs said...

My current nail color is some bright pink and some bright blue. I couldn't choose... :) I'm one of your fellow Indie 2.0 classmates, just stoppin by to say howdy!