super {flea} sunday.

I couldn't ask for much more of a lovely Sunday. Gold medal worthy hockey is on, the sun is shining and I have a super cute {flea} to share with you!

Josh and I ventured to two new thirfts yesterday. Two! I'm laughing as I tell you how wonderful they were because I swear it's a jinx. Everytime we've moved I discover the most amazing place mere weeks before we move. The antique shop down the road from me house? New owners and amazing prices. The Waterfront Mission? Huge. It's a sick, sick taunt. You don't have to wonder though if I enjoyed it.

Lookee what I found! I'm so excited, my very first polaroid and I only paid $5 bucks for it! It makes dropping a pretty penny on the film worth it.

I cannot wait to use it. Who knows maybe I'll diy it like this pretty.

I also found some super lovely pillow cases. Two sets and one stray. The pretty poppy set will probably end up on my bed.

There was a huge stack of records at one shop and Josh lovingly helped me go through most of them. I snagged this for no reason other than the absolutely gorgeous album cover. The record is actually German songs, but this pretty cover is going up on the wall.

Have you found any {flea} finds lately? I sure hope so, I always love a new treasure. Enjoy a lovely afternoon, perhaps pop over to my flickr and say hi! I'll be updating all day.


Amy said...

Oh wow, what great finds! I love polaroid cameras but the films for them are pretty pricey. Looks like you had a fab weekend - thrifting is definitely my favourite weekend pastime! Xx

Morganism said...

Oh, man, if I knew you needed one, I'd have sent you a polaroid camera fo' free, girl! I have two, and I am too broke to buy film for them.

Those pillowcases are so, so sweet. You best make a skirt outta one of 'em (at least, that's what I'd do).

Kate said...

Ooo what a find! And I love that record cover! Too cute!

Isn't it just the way to be one step behind?! I'm sorry you just found great shops before your move- you should make it a point to search out whatever thrift places you can when you get there. Scour the land, Roxanne! Be ruthless!

rachel! said...

YOU WON! so exciting!

Jessica said...

love it all!

Chelsea said...

so much cute stuff, Rox!! Looks like we're both having some luck at the fleas!
p.s. I'm reading your blog at work. ssshhhh!!!