give me liberty {of london} or give me death.

The home decor is it for me. It's just "it". There are so many versatile pieces and each pattern is simply pretty. For our next place I really want the feel to be bright and airy and this line just embodies that. I can see using so many of the brightly hued pieces to brighten my rooms. I wish they had done a wallpaper, wouldn't that be amazing? Enjoy some of the pretty, pretty things.

This is my favorite pattern in the whole collection and the worlds cutest baby bedding.

If you can get your hands on these pillows, do it. They are super soft and the colors are uber vibrant.

The bowls look like huge cupcake liners. Genuis!

This little garden set is enough incentive to make any black thumb want to be green.

Can you tell I'm in love? This line is just too cute.


Hearthandmade said...

I want the gardening tools! actually i want all of them apart from the baby bedding cuz i dont have a baby. Im going shopping!
Cute blog :)
Claire xoxo

Roxanne said...

Thanks Claire! Our Target had the gardening tools today and a leaf holder that may become my laundry hamper.

Erin Wallace said...

I went to Target the other day and was drooling over the throw pillows - velvet backings! And the comforter that looks a bit like paisley - love it! The clothes are cute, but all are cut without a waist, and for a busty gal like me, they would look like maternity clothes (I was so sad - how I wanted a top!). All in all, divine line!