happy weekend.

Do you have some utterly fantastic weekend plans?

My cousin, Mike, is coming for a quick visit before meeting up with friends. I wish you all could meet him; he's one of a kind. Think Ferris Bueller plus Michael Scott. He's hilarious and witty. We'll probably grab a good meal and a few drinks.

Saturday will be a little bittersweet. My awesome friends are throwing Josh and I a going away get together. It won't be any different than our usual get togethers and I wouldn't have it any other way. Everyone will bring a dish, we'll drink too much wine, laugh too hard, eat too many of my friend Christy's amazing grape jam meatballs, and play too much Rock Band.

via we heart it

And yes, I'll look this fantastic at the end of the night (ha).

Do tell what fun things you have planned. And I promise a adorable {flea} this Sunday! xo.


Moorea Seal said...

i am going to go to a flea market tomorrow too. good idea lady.

and turquoise was one of the colors i was daydreaming about for potential hair altering! :)

Jennifer said...

hope you had a great weekend! we were in your state, soaking up the sun for the past week!

Kate said...

The sexy lady in the chair just makes me mad. I'll never look that good, not even on my best day.

Hope you're weekend is great! The get-together sounds like lots of fun!