eins. zwei. drei.

I happen to really like Lady Gaga; and her new video, Telephone. It's typical over the top, shocking Gaga and I love it. When people talk about "the next Madonna", Gaga is it. She's got the shock, the wardrobe and the fantastic voice to back it up.

What I found interesting was the product placement in the video. I counted three; Virgin Mobile, Polaroid (woohoo!), and Wonder Bread. I actually didn't find it obnoxious, but rather clever. What do you think of the product placement? Clever? Tacky? She also plays to her international fans with Japanese and German subtitles. 

It's a whopping nine minutes long, so plenty of time for utterly fabulous costume changes and an crazy story line.

So, Gaga...love? don't love? What's your favorite part of the video? I for one dig her pop can rollers.

Enjoy your Friday, I'm knee deep in packing this morning and headed out to the record store this afternoon! See you back here after lunch.

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Morganism said...

I can't stand Lady Gaga.