a little cuteness.

I heart little suprises, don't you? My friend Sheena came to knitting with the sweetest little gift for me.

Isn't it the cutest? The little arm moves and there's space in the top for a picture.Thanks Sheena!

Today I also finished up a little list of household projects that I want to accomplish when we get to Colorado. I know, I know, I said less lists this year, but there are so many little things that float through my head that I want to keep track of.

Sometimes a good list is just what you need and besides, this one was fun.

What did you do today?


Erin Wallace said...

If my to-do lists were this nice, I might actually pay attention to them!

Morganism said...

So, the idea was to do more, make lists less? Lists are essential to doing all that we think of, like you said! I <3 lists.

Rebecca said...

that's such a pretty to-do list! maybe i'd get more done if my lists were that pretty!

Stacey said...

That is a very sweet gift! I have to admit I am completely jealous of your handwriting,it looks like a font! I have always been a sloppy writer:(