knock knock....

what time is it? who's there?


orange who?


guess? that's not how this works.

just guess.

orange fox?


orange robot and friend?


I know, an orange present?

sadly, no.

damn. pretty orange decor?

you're not so good at this.

ok, matching orange pals?


I give up. orange who?

orange you glad i disguised myself as a banana!
all via we heart it

so i had it right the first time. bitch.
(slams door)

I'm feeling so inspired by funny, sunny orange lately. Today is ultra busy, but I'll be back this evening with a little fun. Make today wonderful. xo.


Kate said...

How did you get to be so cute? Seriously. I want to know.

Erin Wallace said...

Oh! I love a good orange! You are great, Roxanne!

rachel! said...

hahah, some of those pictures are crazy. the orange banana? i love that picture of the fox though. mmm, mr. fox.

Morganism said...

I love a good dork.

Chelsea said...

AWESOME post, girl! Orange is rocking my world.

thursday said...

yea orange! the perfect pick me up for such a gloomy day.