springfield suprise.

After visiting St. Louis on our trek across the states, I had one simple request. I only wanted to stop in one town, at one shop, for a little while. It wasn't along our route, but Josh suprised me by jumping on a different highway; destination: Springfield, MO.

When we got off the excited I started to get more than a little excited. I don't imagine many people travel hours out of their way to visit one little shop, but I'd gladly do it again.

You might have already guessed, but my suprise destination was Elsie's amazing shop Red Velvet Art!!! And let me tell you, the shop is cuter, brighter, and more fun in person!

My heart was a *teeny* bit broken as Elsie was out doing something fabulous I'm sure, but her adorable Spring collection was in full force and I was happy to pick up a few cute prints for myself and some little cuties for my friends.

Her space is so inspiring. Everything you see online is perfectly places in cute little bowls, baskets and hung along the brightly colored walls. I can see why Elsie and her friends want to spend all their time hanging out there.

 The sweet girl working in the shop took my picture. I think she thought I was a tad crazy when  I told her I traveled from Florida to get there.

I wish I had snapped a better picture of those oh-so-famous woodgrain chairs. They're my favorite.  You can also see the brightly colored pink curtains in Elsie's upstairs apartment from the street. Her whole building just oozes cuteness!

Here's me out front. I really wish my husband would tell me when silly things like my shirt being tucked up like that happens. Silly me.

I'm sure I'll be making a trip home to PA at some point and will be stopping by RVA again and who knows one of those days maybe Elsie her self will be there! If you get a chance to stop by, totally go for it, she really is making the world soooo cute.

See you tomorow for all sorts of pretty Spring inspiration!


Erin Wallace said...

Roxanne - not to ignore your post, but I thought I would tell you that your header is okay, but a few of your photos aren't showing up. It's a back issue with blogger, I've found out from a press release from EARLY FEB (not very reassuring, I know)! What do we do if they don't fix it soon? I think people with lots of photos on their blogs will just move to another servicer. Hope they get it fixed soon, cuz I don't want to move!

Roxanne said...

I noticed that my pictures weren't showing up earlier and I didn't know if it was just me or if everyone else couldn't see them either. I recall having this issue when I had an old blog over a year ago. I see now too that some of my pictures look smooshed. As a member this doesn't make me very happy for my readers and fellow blogger friends. I sure do hope it gets fixed soon!

Chelsea said...

aaaahhhhh!!! It's SO cute! I can't believe you got to go! I'm going to make Ryan take me on a road trip soon!

Jessica said...

I love it!! Miss your face!

Erin Wallace said...

Roxanne - got my header up and your pictures are showing up, too. Yay!

grrfeisty said...

how fun! during spring break i was but a mere 2 hours away but wasn't gutsy enough to visit RVA. i wish i had! your photos are great!