smitten by spring florals.

Spring is here and one of my favorite emerging trends is vintage floral patterns. If it were up to me I'd live in an ultra girly house with a floral couch and curtains and a floral outfit. Somehow though, I think my husband can only take so many flowers. But I plan on sneaking some cuteness into our new house (yes, you read that right, we found a place to live!) and my wardrobe this spring.

 I'm smitten over these floral shades. Too cute.

Squeal! I wish they acutally made this!

Oh Anthro, why must this bag be so expensive?

Miss James is always making vintage look modern and fresh.

and these cute shoes just make me smile.

Be on the look out for handmade and vintage floral lovelies this spring. I know they'll make me happy long into Summertime! xo.


Jennifer said...

congrats on finding a place to live! i bet you're so excited to be living somewhere so insanely gorgeous!

Chelsea said...

oh my GOSH those shoes... those SHOES!!! must have.

Becca @ Lovely Yellow Ribbons said...

LOVE this post!

It makes me think of "The Devil Wears Prada" when Miranda says "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking."

Haha. I <3 that movie. And I LOOOOOVE florals for spring, so stick that in your pipe, Miranda ;)

thursday said...

Love the camera illustration! And those shoes are so, so cute!

Moorea Seal said...

ok the sunglasses and the camera illustration are freakin CUTE! i want them!!

Rebecca said...

that flowered skirt is adorable! congrats on finding a place to live...can't wait to see what you do w/the place!

Twila said...

shoes are very cute...wish they had a wedge on them though. And I adore Miss James.