super {flea} sunday.

Happy {flea} day! It is such a beautiful day here, actually the whole weekend was sunny and warm. Spring is really nipping at winter's heels. Was it pretty in your neighboorhood? I hope so.

I want to say hi to my lovely new readers, and my Indie Business classmates! Seriously, each and every one of my classmates are so inspiring, I adore them already. If you're new to The 60/40, welcome to Super {flea} Sunday, where I show you my {flea} finds and we all oooh and ahhh over them. Who doesn't love that?

This weekend I'm in the process of packing up for our big move and started to gather up all of my vintage books. I haven't shared these beauties before, but they're certainly some of my favorite.

They're all childrens books and the science book, from the 60's, has the most amazing illustrations.

Polly insisted she be allowed in the photo.

Remember when I said I always discover the best places right before I move? Well the used book shop up the street from my house is a hot bed of amazing out of print books. Betty's Sad Teddy Bear is ferociously cute and don't the colors on the front of Heidi just make you swoon?

While I'm a little sad to pack up these pretty {flea} finds I'm excited to find them pretty places in our new home! What finds are your shelf lately? What would you all think of a littel Flickr pool to share our finds?

See you tomorrow for some cuteness.


S said...

Roxanne, our library has several T. Burgess books just like that, and my 4 yo DD has just fallen in love with them! One in particular, called Mrs Peter Rabbit, she wants to check out every time we visit, and in fact *hangs head in shame* managed to write her name (in ink)inside the front cover. (I believe she is claiming it as her own.) Should the library ever be willing to part with it, this book is hers!
Love your finds!

LINDSAY said...

My mother-in-law has a vintage childrens' book collection...I could look at them for hours! She also a ton of vintage toys that just kill me with their sweetness. I love the Heidi's old, but looks so NOW.