super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday loves! This weeks {flea} is being done on the fly, we're on the first leg of our trip and hanging out this morning with our wonderful friend Amy. She's making us a delicious brunch, so this'll be quick!

I found this vintage Polaroid Swinger camera on my last trip to my favorite {flea} in Florida. The booth owner was there and gave me a stellar deal, considering it came with it's original case and instruction booklet. All I need is some film and I'm off! I teared up at the counter as I made my final purchases, I'm going to miss my favorite {flea}, the kind people there and the amazing deals...I'm such a sap.

Be right back with, finally, my ultimate Road Trip Craft Kit! Can't wait.


Erin Wallace said...

This is SO cool! I have wanted one of these for years. Sorry you are having to leave your favorite flea market, but I'm sure you'll find a good one where you are landing. Have a wonderful trip.

thursday said...

Beautiful find!

Lu said...

This camera is great, I'm really jealous you have such a one! :) Have fun with it!