ultimate road trip craft kit.

We make alot of road trips, which I love, but when I found out our drive to Colorado was over 24 hours, I knew I was going to want to do more than knit. The movers lovingly packed up all of my fabric, crafts and sewing machine, but before they did I packed an awesome Road Trip Craft Kit.

Over the course of our trip you can pull these items and craft along with me or bookmark the post so you can make some cute crafts on your next road trip too. Sound good?

You'll need these few supplies: scissors, glue (I packed crazy glue and a glue stick), a black marker pen, sheets of paper (pre-cut to postcard size if you like), a needlebook with pins and needles, a handful of brightly colored buttons, black and white thread, a small amount of pretty yarn, and magazines for inspiration.

Pack everything up in a pretty bag and toss it in the car! Along with my knitting supplies Target's Liberty of London Duffle is the perfect size.

Over the next few days I'll be crafting and sharing some road trip d-i-y's, so be sure to check back tomorrow! We're off on the second leg of our trip. See you then, xo.


Shoshanah said...

I think this is such a great idea! What a great way to pass the time. Hope you have a safe drive and enjoy your crafting

Morganism said...

I imagine driving while crafting, with all of those pointy supplies, can be as tough as putting on eyeliner or lipstick on a bumpy road. Please, please, please don't poke your pretty eyes out! <3

Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs said...

Cute kit Rox! I once, on a roadtrip from Oregon to Utah, made bunting out of wrappers, matchbooks and brochures we picked up on the way and strung it across the side windows. :) It was a quirky but fun way to map out our trip. ;) Drive safe!