happy weekend.

It's Friday and I'm so looking forward to this weekend. How about you? Josh and I will be watching some hockey, running and working on more projects around the house. Perfection!

I want to thank you all for being so excited about the latest project for This {Humble} Home! It made my heart shine to wake up this morning and see so many enthusiastic, kind comments. You guys are seriously the best!

I also want to wish my cousin, Johnna, and my friend ,Tameka, a very Happy Birthday! Only two people as fun and loving a you two would share a birthday. I hope it's filled with lots of pretty yarn.

Have the best weekend lovelies! I'll see you bright and early on Sunday for the {flea}! xo.


*Michelle* said...

Hey... I'm trying to track down this blog I thought I found through one of your posts. The guy tries a new food from the asian market every week & then reports on it? Did I find that here somewhere?

Roxanne said...

Michelle, you're thinking of Ms. Moorea's blog The Rumination Reading Room!

Here's a link to the food taster :P