super {flea} sunday.

It's Sunday again. Did your weekend go quickly? I feel like mine always does. But this week I was able to snag some super cute things for this week's {flea}.

You may have caught a teeny glimpse of this weeks {flea} in the latest edition of This {Humble} Home. I actually snagged this cutie pie when I lived in Florida. I had my eye on it for weeks and on my very last trip there, I got it on sale for only $3!

This little mobile just needed a quick wipe down and I rethreaded each piece together with some pretty green embroidery floss.

The little school girl is *the* cutest and the little lamb (tugging at my heartstrings) points the way to school. It hangs over my sewing table and cast a pretty shadow on the ceiling in the evenings. 

Today I'm going to give you pretties a {bonus flea}! Who doesn't love a bonus?

When I was in Florida, I couldn't find a Polaroid camera anywhere; I searched high and low for weeks. Since coming to Colorado I've seen gads of Polaroids in every shop I've been too. I picked this up at the local thrift for $5!

The best part about all of the cameras I've been finding? They've all had film inside!!! If you know anything about old Polaroids, you know the film is a) a pain to find and b) expensive. Even though I enough cameras to have fun with, I keep buying them if they have film. At an average of $36 a pack, I don't mind spending five bucks to get the film and have another pretty camera to play with!

PS. Have you heard the Polaroid 300 camera has been released? It looks alot like the Instax, but I can't wait to get my hands on one. And I love that Lady Gaga is the creative director. She's saavy.

What's have you been finding at the {flea} these days? Good things I hope; leave a comment about your favorite recent {flea} find! Come back all this week for some fun stuff; a little baseball, a special This {Humble} Home d-i-y and some pretty spring knits. xo.


Chelsea said...

Cute mobile!! I found a funky floral dress and two awesome vintage purses this weekend! Pictures soon!

divamcknitster said...

i. love. that. mobile. so adorable!

i miss polaroids. guess next time i go yard sale-ing and the flea markets, i'll have to keep my eye out for them. digital is great but sometimes you just can't beat the sound and smell of a picture popping out of the camera, then waving it around.