this {humble} home.

I'm happy to announce a new series here on The 60/40; This {Humble} Home. Making your nest a comfy, inspiring place to live is an ongoing process that I'm sure many of you, like me, take great pride in.

We move alot and with each new home I get a blank slate to make our own. Join me on this journey, as I post home inspiration, d-i-y projects, and decorating tips as I turn our house into a {humble} home.

My first {humble} home project in our new place is the dining room. It has beautiful natural light and an open floor plan to the kitchen. We've had our dining room set for several years; an eco-friendly table made out of mango wood and quirky metal chairs that were actually made for the outdoors.

Here's how the room looks when we moved in. Kind of blah, right? Too much brown. And that breaker box on the wall is an eyesore. I felt like the space needed some color, so I set off in search of inspiration.

I found my inspiration in my Trey Speegle soap set from Anthropologie, and my favorite windowpane scarf. The progression of blues is calming and exciting without being overwhelming. Perfect for the dining room!

I decided that the since the table is too pretty (and too expensive) to paint, the chairs would get a makeover in hues of blue. We have six chairs, and I purchased three colors of spray paint in Blue Ocean Breeze, Bahama Sea, and Global blue. The Bahama Sea color has a hint of green, for added interest.

Three cans of each color was enough for two chairs and with a few hours of patience, elbow grease,and help from my amazing husband when my trigger finger was tired, the chairs have a fresh new look!


To fix up the corner , I added some thrift finds. A chip-paint table topped with the glass block my mom made for our wedding, a silver tray underneath, and a pretty rattan basket complete with a cute birdie (the perfect place to hold my seeds for planting). Over the fugly breaker box I hung my thrifted 'Girl on Bike' painting to mimic the blues used in the chairs.

The room isn't 100% complete, but looks amazingly bright and fun with just these few simple fixes, don't you think?

I kept the center piece simple; my Bubbie's silver zodiac tray (one of my favorite pieces), little cast iron birdies, their nest, and a vintage sugar bowl and creamer.

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of This {Humble} Home as much as I enjoyed creating it. I'd love to here your thoughts and see pictures of your freshly painted chairs. Expect {Humble} Home projects in the near future!

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Jessica said...

love it!

Manda said...

It is fabulous! I love interior decorating... I have to stay out of certain stores because I can redecorate an entire room around one funky pillow.
Good news... My husband manages a furniture store - so I do get a bit of a sweet deal.
Have fun splashing colour!

Bri said...

OMG! I love those chairs! Spray painting is something I have a hard time with! I can paint almost anything well if it can be done with a brush... a can is another story for me! I have a whole pile of things I need sprayed! When can you be here? ;)

Amy said...

Your room is gorgeous - I love those chairs. I have little birds like too, they're adorable aren't they?

Windsor Grace said...

Looks great! I love the colors of the chairs!

Morganism said...

I need a spray paint collection. Right now. Did you know that you can't buy spray paint at stores in Chicago?!

Christine (MiniMak) said...

Those chairs are FANTASTIC! Thank you for the lovely comment on my little blog! I'll be checking yours out from now on! :)

malia said...

i am in love love love with those chairs!

Lu said...

The chairs look much greater now, love them! :)

Meaghan @ Urban Farm Designs said...

This is adorable!!!


Dayna said...

Your room make-over looks great! Spray painting the chairs was a brilliant move...the bright blues combined with the tile floor and all that natural light makes it look very Mediterranean and relaxing!