breakfast of champions giveaway!

It should come as no suprise to you that I love to eat. I can hear my mom chuckling as she reads this; the word "love" is an understatement. One of my favorite meals we used to cook as a family is Sunday breakfast; let's just say my dad thinks he's Emeril (mom is really laughing now, that's also an understatement).

Josh and I have tried to carry that tradition into our little family and yesterday we made the yummiest breakfast. Now that I have a Whole Foods at my fingertips, we had no problem whipping up a delicious organic meal to start our day. You're looking at fresh strawberries, bananas, homemade scrambled eggs, bacon and pineapple mango orange juice. Yum, right?

But what are those blobs, you ask? Those my friends are Nana Cakes. Nana Cakes is a whole grain chocolate mix I picked up that can be made into Crepes (mmm!) Pancakes, Waffles, Cookies and Muffins. All of the recipes are printed on the back!

And let me tell, you, these things are to freakin' die for. The chocolate wasn't overpowering, just the right amount. My favorite part is that they are locally made, mere hours away in New Mexico. Ok I lied, my favorite part is that they are in my pantry at my beck and call. I've only made the pancakes, but I'm dying to try the cookies! You can order Nana Cakes by clicking on the link up top, or look for them at your local Whole Foods.

To share the Nana Cake love, I'm going to send my favorite Chocolate flavor and some cute muffin liners to one of you! To enter, all you have to do is leave your favorite breakfast in the comments by Friday, April 16th! I'll pick the yummiest Friday evening. You won't be sorry, I promise.

Stop by later for a new 60/40 series! It's going to be a blast. xo.


amanda said...

oooh me me!! : ) i actually heard about this mix awhile back but i completely forgot about it. sounds sooo good. if i don't win i'll just go get some next week haha

i usually don't like sweet stuff for breakfast but i've discovered a new obsession. let's not think about how many calories are packed inside this delicious breakfast treat.

Nutella and Banana Crepes with a Peanut Butter Drizzle on top.

Ugh... Heaven.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have a favorite breakfast; usually cereal and pancakes about once or twice a month.
I do like hash browns and toast too. If I was eating out, that is probably for sure what I'd order.

My husband makes delicious cheese/veggie omelets.

Usually I experiment and have gotten better over the years with dinner or dessert.

StaceyKnitsIt ravelry

divamcknitster said...

This mix sounds yummy. I don't live near a whole foods but I'll have to look for it when we go on a wf run, prolly in the summer.

As for breakfast, usually I eat cereal. I'm 36 years old and I still eat kids cereal like cookie crisp and cap'n crunch! I like life and wheaties. I eat cereal becos it's quick (and with twins, fast eating, altho not desirable, is best). Some days if I have time, I like oatmeal and cream of wheat. And on rare occasions, a bacon and cheese omelet.

Enjoying yr blog, spesh the flea market Sundays!

Manda said...

Chocolate anything for breakfast is a must..... YUMMY. I could definitely use a Nana cake or two after a 10km run in the a.m.
My favourite breakfast are (yes, there are a few... I love to eat too) - Homemade Sour Cream Pancakes with Cloudberry Jam and whipping cream.
Bananas dipped in Peanut butter
Strawberry Vanilla Smoothies
Cherrios with Silk Milk
Egg-stravagant breakfast bake
Oh, and Bacon... I love bacon with breakfast!

Now I'm hungry... ummm... Chocolate!

Anna said...

Okay, a post from Sweden now, where we have slightly different breakfast "traditions".

For breakfast I eat something that is called "filmjölk" which is similar to yoghurt, but not the same. With this I usually have some kind of granola or whole cereal. A sandwich with smoked ham is a common thing on my breakfast table. My lovely bf bakes all our bread, and he makes some of it from a recipe that my grandmother used to make, and as I miss her terribly this makes me feel good inside in more than one way! Other than that I have a glass of juice, and tea or coffee.

Pancakes for breakfast is not typical for Sweden, where porrige or "filmjölk" is I think the most common breakfast. Along with just tea och coffee and a sandwich. But for the weekends I sometimes make pancakes, bacon and smoothie (LOVE smoothies!). That is probably my favorite breakfast! A fluffy and warm pancake, with fresh berries or fruit, nice crispy bacon and a smooth (yes ofcourse!) fruity smoothie with raspberries, vanilla and a hint of cardamom! Try it! It's yummy!


stringsofpurls said...

I love an omelet with cheese, avocado and whatever else can be put in there from the garden. Of course I love crepes, filled with fruit and yogurt....but then there is.... I'd better stop!

Jennifer said...

This is my first comment, I just found your blog recently but I love it!

During the week I am usually a cereal girl before I run out the door, but on the weekends my boyfriend often makes us the best fried egg sandwiches. Either on english muffins or one piece of bread folded in half, add cheese, BBQ sauce, and salt and pepper and it's delicious :)

Ashley said...

I love breakfast! Never did as a kid growing up -- I was always the one who wanted ice cream for breakfast ... or cookies. But as I grew older, Ive learned to love everything about the morning meal.

My favorite breakfast has to be banana and pecan belgian waffles with homemade new england maple syrup! And some vanilla yogurt with fresh cinnamon granola, peaches and strawberries. Oh man, Im getting hungry just thinking about it!!

*Michelle* said...

Huh. Chocolate pancakes sound intriguing. I'm game. :) Cute blog. Thanks for sharing!

Jane said...

Wow, I'm a pretty boring breakfast person....Kashi usually! I often make breakfast for a dinner meal. It's quick and economical. THanks for the contest!

Kate said...

My mister says that I make the best waffles he's ever had. I think that the whole stick of butter probably helps to improve the taste. We have homemade waffles with thick cut pepper bacon with REAL Maine maple syrup. Hot coffee is a must.

Amy said...

My favorite breakfast is egg, cheese and tomato quesadillas. Yum! However this mix looks so yummy!