cold-hearted snake.

Dear Christy,

I want to wish you the happiest birthday of all time! I hope it's filled with laughter, wine and yummy food. Thanks for being an amazing friend to me; I owe you so much. I wish that I was there to celebrate with you. A drink over the phone (or 5) will have to do.


Hey loves, it's my friend Christy's birthday (inventor of the Pretentious Sunhat). Leave her a little birthday wish below! A joke, a link to a funny video, she'll love it.

*Ps. I don't think she's actually a cold-hearted snake, I just call her that Paula Abdul style.


christy said...

Thank you for the special birthday wishes!!

grrfeisty said...

happy b-diz!! it's funny bc that line [cold hearted snake] is an inside joke between my bf and i, also :)