doodle 4 google.

I don't very often ask you guys to 'vote' for things on behalf of me or my friends, but Doodle 4 Google is a cause worth talking about. Google has asked kiddos across the country, grades K thru 12 to submit doodles, to be placed on their website with the theme "If I could do anything".

They are now down to 40 finalists, and you can vote in each grade group until May 25th at 5pm (pacific). I opened a Facebook message to the sweetest message and birthday request from my friend Christy; her daughter's friend, Indira has made it to the top 40!!! Indira is 8 years old, in the 3rd grade, and insanely talented.

So...I'm asking all of you, purrty please, to take a second, click here and vote for Indira (k-3, region 4). And I'm not asking just because she's the friend of a friend, her doodle really is the best.

If you take two seconds to vote, and two seconds to pass it along to some friends, Indira could win a *huge* scholarship to college, a laptop, a trip to Google headquarters in New York and $25,000 for her school! 

I think it's really important to support young artists and to help make kids dreams come true! I can't imagine the excitement that Indira must be feeling inside and I would love it if you guys could help her realize her dream. Her doodle, along with the other finalists, is going to hang in the Smithsonian's Nation Design Museum after the contest. What an accomplishment for an amazing little girl!

Please let me know if you voted, leave your well wishes for Indira and pass it along to your friends! xo.


Erin Wallace said...

Her google is fantastic! Going to go vote for her now and get her that scholarship.

xo Erin

diane said...

that doodle is fabulous and i just voted for it.


Roxanne said...

Thanks a bunch ladies! I know she appreciates it :) And I appreciate you!

christinaalessi said...

I voted and shared on my Facebook page. Those drawings made my day!

pretentous hat lady said...

thanks for all of the support. Indira is a friend to my kids and is one of the sweetest girls we know. She's so talented that last year she had her right hand in a cast (she's right-handed) and drew my little boy a birthday card with her left...if her mother wouldn't have shared we would never have known. I think I'm going to have to dig that out and save it someplace special since she's sure to be famous one day lol