happy weekend.

This weekend I have so many plans! A few little This {Humble}Home projects, an afternoon with some new friends, and a little {flea} adventure. What fun plans do you have for this weekend?

Today I'll be doing the stuff that needs to get done to have fun, a quick trip the grocery store and a hair cut. I'll also be fawning over my friend Chelsea's, of The Vintage Chair's new blog Red Dirt Revival, you should check it out too!

Totally going to start me weekend off with some yummy Nutella and tea! Yum.

See you Sunday for a super cute {flea}. Happy weekend!


Erin Wallace said...

Yum! Nutella! We go through a lot of it here.

Robyn said...

I am going to work most of the weekend, but today I played at the beach and had breakfast for dinner. Friday is the new Sunday I guess. Have a good one.