little lulls.

Do you ever feel like you have to go, go, go? My little four day weekend with Angela was so much fun, we shopped, laughed, and  took some amazing pictures (which I can't wait to share with you) , but the moment I hit that little lull of activity and creativity, I crashed. I now have a full blown sinus thing going on and slept alot longer than I'm willing to admit. What do you do to get through those little lulls?

Just looking at this makes me feel happy. I want a getaway here!

This weekend Josh and I plan on spending alot of time outside, hiking, hitting up some {fleas} and maybe even a little weekend getaway. I need to relax but keep it busy and interesting enough to recharge!

Today however I'm going to watch Amelie and load myself up with tea and medicine so I'm not dragging for Memorial Day! See you tomorrow. xo.


Chelsea said...

BOOOO sinus infections!!! I've been fighting off allergies this week. Sucks. I'm sure you'll be good as new very soon!

Erin Wallace said...

Oh! I'm sorry to hear that you have a sinus infection! Tkae care of yourself (preferably in the bedroom pictured!), drink lots of tea, and enjoy lots of quirky foreign films!

xo Erin

Erin said...

Feel better!