kitty goodies.

Our Hank is pretty low key for a kitty. There's no need to buy him fancy, overpriced toys or over the top beds and accessories. On any given day he's perfectly happy with a hair band, rolled up receipts and a few pom poms I've made him. At night all he wants is a few belly scratches and to sleep under the covers with us.

I can't help though buying him some cute little treats sometimes. It's worth it to see him slide across the floor in sheer pounce happiness!

I saw this adorable Kitty Cabin from Loyal Luxe and I knew Hank had to have it. It's rusticly adorable, earth friendly, and really reasonably priced. I can't wait to see him relax with the little moosehead above the door!

Hank doesn't have a ton of catnip toys, he usually chews them into oblivion. But these little knit bunnies from Coffee and Cream are hard to resist. I think he needs a rainbow of them, don't you?

via coffee and cream : pattern via ravelry

And these kitty "villages" I spotted on Modern Cat are to.die.for. I love, love the bright colors and whimsical design. I don't think Hank would use this acutally, but I bet if you had a hoard of kittens to tend to this would be purrfect!

I think the little rustic Cat Cabin is going to be headed to our house very, very soon. What do you treat your furry family members with? I'd love to see your favorite shops, treats, and tricks.

Hank would really appreciate it too!

Isn't he so handsome? It's so nice to have a little kitty to make me smile daily.

Hank and I are off to have a little breakfast, play some catch and work for a super productive day! See you loves later. xo.


Erin said...

I looove those villages! I want one for Hobbes. His favorite toy is the plastic safety seal from the milk carton. Funny how we always want to buy them fancy things but they love hair ties and scraps the best. Hank is adorable. :)

mkonieczki said...

Your kitty is so cute! I'm a dog girl myself, but have the same issue with my dogs (Dulce and Danger) tearing their stuffed toys to bits. SO... I've stopped buying them toys at the store and started felting leftover yarn balls for them! They go wild for them!

Hearthandmade said...

this kitty looks exactly like my kitty!!! Jeez i had to do a double take!

vintagewithatwist said...

those kitty houses are soo cute! I think I should get one for Isis

Jennifer said...

I love your kitty! I second the comment that someone else made that they did a double because he looks like their kitty-I honestly thought it was mine for a minute, but mine has a white patch on his chest.

Those little bunny toys are too cute.

Jennifer said...

how precious! we got a ferret hammock for our kitties when they were little babies - and they LOVE it! They used to curl up in it together, but now our orange kitty is twice the size of his sister, so they don't fit in there together anymore :)

Roxanne said...

Claire and Jennifer, now I want to see pictures of your kittahs! Hank has a little white patch on his lower belly and little "grey" hairs throughout. I think it's cause he's getting old :P

Jennifer I never thought of a ferret hammock, I can imagine a little chubby cat in one. Squeee!