rocky mountain paper.

As I make our house into a {Humble} Home, I find myself being inspired by everything in the Rockies, from the deep green mountains, to the snowy peaks against the pale blue sky. I don't want a "chalet" per say, but exposed beams and stone fireplaces sure are hard to pass up in this part of the country.

To make things a little more whimsical and little less "mountain cottage", I've been infusing bright pops of color here and there. Let me tell you, it's really tough. One of our biggest issues is the massive wallspace in this house. Each room has at least one enourmous blank wall and the living room, which can be looked down on from the loft, has walls that are two stories high! I need scale; big furniture, big art and big prints.

So when I found this uh-mazing wall paper from Fine Little Day, my heart was so happy. It's got a big print that's not overwhelming, and the fact that it was designed by the owners eight year old son, Otto, makes it about as whimsical as can be.

What do you think? It screams Rocky Mountains, no? I don't think a whole wall will look right (and I don't think our landlord would be very happy), but I need this in my home. A large piece in a quirky frame may be just the way to go!

Do you have any tips and tricks to tackle my huge walls? I'd love to hear them.

See you loves tomorrow, I need to clean, clean, clean so my house is in tip-top shape for my guest and I'll be knocking out another This {Humble} Home project! xo.

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Erin Wallace said...

You could do a HUGE piece in a frame. That might do the trick. The only problem would be the cost of the frame, but is might be worth it - even after you moved you'd have Rockies memories.

xo Erin