super {mother's day} sunday.

Happy Mother's Day! I hope all of you lovely mum's are having a fun filled day with your family. I'm really missing my Mom today and wish we could be sitting on the patio laughing and making yummy food. I'm dedicating today's {flea} to her. Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you!

This weeks {flea} aren't things I have purchased, but rather photos I've ganked from my parents (sorry, Mom) and lessons I've learned.

My Mom is a smart, beautiful, 'take no shit' kind of woman. She's taught me to be gracious, pick my battles and always say I love you!

My Mom had both me and my brother before she married my dad. She never wanted me to think that she got married just because she was pregnant. Instead my Mom taught me that love is above all else and married my Dad because she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, not because it was 'expected'. I love that about her; a woman with her own mind and a steadfast opinion.

That's me and her before I was Christened.

Wanna guess where I get my sass and attitude from? My husband and dad can tell you, I got it from my Mom. Growing up she taught me to be an individual. I pride myself on being unique and I owe that to her; she taught me to be a leader, not a follower; being one of the cool kids didn't mean a thing, and to dance to the beat of my own drum. Thanks Mom; I know I'm me, but I'm glad to have some of your awesomeness too!

Mother's Day 1991...Look at those outfits and my sass face.

Every ounce of creativity I have, I owe to my mom. She's my idol when it comes to these things. My cousin jokes that she and I (the students) have become the masters (my mom and aunt). But I know that everything I've created, every idea I have is because she pushed me, and still pushes me, to take every spark of imagination and run with it.

My friends call me Susie Homemaker, you can see it started young.

When I was young my Mom and I butted heads, big time. Like any teenager, I thought I knew everything and she knew jack. Well listen up folks... Mom, you listening? She was right. About everything. About boys, about school, about love, about life, about lessons learned, broken hearts, marriage, everything! You name it, she was right.  She's the smartest woman I know and I'm super proud that she's my mom! I love as a young adult getting compliments about my manners; I always tell them how proud my Mom and Dad would be.

High School graduation. We're pretty much identical.

As I grow up and someday become a Mom of my own, I'm glad that in my heart I know that I'm solid and that when I'm not, when I need to cry or vent, that my Mom is going to be there for me.

Thank you Mom, from the bottom of my heart for everything you have taught me and all the love you have given me over the years. Even when you don't think I'm listening, it seeps into my brain somehow, and I'm glad it has. I'm so grateful for you, your parenting and now, your friendship.

 Have a happy, happy Mother's Day, I love you so much!

xo, Punky

Still her little girl, even on my wedding day.

I hope you all are enjoying a beautiful Sunday! This week I have some really cute projects to show you, a diy, and hopefully (fingers crossed) a new edition of This {Humble} Home! See you tomorrow.


mom said...

What an absolute wonderful tribute. Thank you and thank my own mother for showing me the unconditional love that we have for our children. I thank her for always being mom first, then my friend as I grew older, for showing me dignity and self worth. None of us are sure what kind of mothers we will be, but I believe we learn from our own moms and pass it down the gene pool. So this tribute is also for your bubbie too. And how I wish she could see what a beautiful woman you have become. So dear daughter thank you from the bottom of my heart for now realizing I did know what the hell I was talking about during those teenage years.(I was starting to question myself) And thank you for listening all those years and believing in yourself and spreading your wings to fly...
(You could of used some better pictures) and remember I do have eyes in the back of my head... You will be a wonderful mom someday when its your time youll know..Thank you Punky, Love
always all ways Mommo

Roxanne said...

Aw Mommo, making me cry. And no, those pictures are fantastic, you owned that 80's hair!

Erin Wallace said...

I love the pictures of you and your mom. I want to thank you for being amazingly supportive and leaving such a kind, wonderful comment. You are such a rad person! But really, I've though you were great ever since I met you through this blog-o-sphere and your support means a lot to me.I really don't heve the words except Thank you.


New Girl on Post said...

Your Mom sounds awesome and obviously she raised a wonderful woman. :)

I love every picture you posted, but the last one is by far my favorite.