the someday chest.

Hope Chests are a long standing tradition in many cultures. Filled to the brim with things that a woman needs to make a home before marriage, the lovely items are usually stored in a decorated cedar chest.

I've started a hope chest of my own, a someday chest, but for a very different reason. I have no actual chest yet, but already have started to collect some pretty things, both bought and handmade for my someday children. Josh and I aren't planning on kiddos anytime in the near future, but you hear a lot of knitters talk about starting projects when they find out they're pregnant and they simply never get finished (maybe on account of all the trips to the potty and appointments). I figured starting ahead of time, alternating between things for boys and girls, I could have lots of lovely little things by the time I do have kids.

My very first project to put in the box is the  the Baby Sophisticate sweater in a delicious bulky yarn from my favorite, Three Irish Girls. Not only was this my first Someday Chest project, but it was also my first garment!

pattern via ravelry

I don't know why I was ever afraid of knitting garments! This pattern was super easy and extra adorable. The Springvale Bulky yarn base, part of my club shipments from 3IG, was heaven to work with; like butter really. A few cute, contrasting buttons and voila! I have my first item for The Someday Chest, with enough left over to knit a teensy hat.

Also this weekend, I snagged a cute Liberty of London dress on sale! Now I'm not saying I don't want to have a boy, but little girls clothes have me completely smitten. Isn't this freakin' cute?

I'm still on the hunt for one more of their toddler dresses to add and of course, I'm on the lookout for chest! My only other item at the moment is a little Jimi Hendrix t-shirt and they all fit nicely into a basket in my closet.

Did you, or do you, save things for your someday kiddos? I'd love to hear the special things you've gotten or have handed down.  I'll be back this afternoon with some more Someday Chest inspiration. xo.


mom said...

That sweater is so darn cute...good job, Oh and you know you may have a little boy some day, but for sure you will have a girl.....just like you.....

Chelsea said...

That sweater is so adorable... I might be hitting you up to help me add one to our own collection of items for our future littles! :)