teeny summer dress.

I'm clearly on this baby kick. After my sweater and sweet little Liberty of London dress, I still wasn't satisfied. I found a pack of onesies I had bought to make something for my friend when she was pregnant, but never made it in time!

So I dragged out these sweet little onesies, a vintage pillow case in the cutest pattern, and using Rachel Denbow's adorable tutorial as a guide I whipped up a sweet little summer dress in no time!

I didn't add any elastic to mine, instead I used the cuff of the pillow case to make a band and bow around the waist, a la all those adorable adult dresses you see at Target.

Kids or no kids, don't sweet little clothes make you smile? I hope to add a few more of these to my Someday Chest and a crank out a few more for friends!

I want to know what you're working on this week. Leave a comment, link me to pictures of your latest and greatest! xo.


{eleise} said...

Wow...this is super cute!!! I LOVE it!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! It gave me a chance to get out your super cute blog! =)

Erin Wallace said...

This is the cutest skirt! Baby girl clothes just kill me - knowing I most likely wont ever buy any - and boys clothes are getting cooler but they have nothing on girl clothes!

xo - Erin

christina said...

What a great idea! It came out great!!