this {humble} home d-i-y.

Happy Monday!!! This week is off to an awesome start. I'm feeling great and hope you are too. I have a cute This {Humble} Home d-i-y for you! The first of many, I'm sure. Last week I debuted my new studio space and over the weekend I decided the high desk needed a cute set of cafe curtains. So pull out your sewing machine and whip yourself up a pair!

For this project I choose a set of yellow vintage pillowcases with a sweet floral print. You'll also need:
-a tape measure
-a sewing machine
-matching thread
-a spring loaded curtain rod

Start by measuring your space. Underneath my desk was 50 inches wide. I didn't want my curtains to brush the floor, so I decided on 18 inch long cafe curtains. After you measure the width, decide on your pleating; the fabric can be 1.5-3 times longer. My pillow cases were 40" x 20" inches, so one case is plenty!

Starting at the opening cut all around your pillow case so you have two 40" x 20" pieces. Iron out any wrinkles in the fabric; you don't want any puckering seams!

Next you're going to seam the length of the curtains. Laying them on a flat surface, turn each 20 inch side in 3/4" and iron them flat. After you iron, remeasure and pin your seam.

Once you've measured, ironed and pinned all four seams, run those suckers through your sewing machine! You can go with a matching thread, or pick a bright contrasting color for some fun. I used a bright green.

Once you've seamed all four sides, you can now seam the bottom of your curtains. Do the same as the sides; 3/4 inches, iron, pin and sew!

The tops of the curtains are the most crucial. You want to not only make sure they fit the rod, but that the two curtains are the same length. I find it easier to sew one at a time for this part. Measure your seam 1.5 inches, iron and pin. When you sew it is best to make a mark 1/2 inch in from the open part of the seam and stick that line as closely as possible.

*note: if you want longer curtains from the beginning you can simply turn the curtains so they are 20" x 40". The cuff of the pillowcase when cut open is the perfect slot for the curtain rod! If you need more width, break out that second case. 

After sewing the last seam of the first curtain, iron it out and lay it flat. Place the second curtain on top, matching up the sewn seams. You can now measure, iron and pin that last seam for perfectly matching curtains! Sew, sew, sew, you're almost done!

All that is left is to hang those pretty curtains and enjoy! I love having a little something to cover up my plastic bins underneath the desk.

See? No more ugly plastic box! I hope you're able to make some curtains for a little spot in your home. If you have a recent sewing project I'd love to see it. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon; see you loves tomorrow. xo.


Chelsea said...

Very cute idea to hide clutter!

Johnna said...

I love them, that was not what i was thinking when you said curtains! I may have to copy you some day when i learn how to use my sewing machine!

Kate said...

Oooo that fabric is really really cute! Great tute Roxanne!

thursday said...

Very, very cute! Such a clever re-use for a pillowcase.