the 60/40 pop-up summer shop!

I am so super excited to announce officially The 60/40 Pop-Up Summer Shop! In honor of summer I'm offering some gently used things at stellar deals. There will be clothes (some vintage), jewelery and yarn. A bit of Summer goodness for everyone!

I know that some of you have shown interest when I first posted and I am extremely grateful. When I set out to do this I thought I'd just throw up some pictures and it would be done. But I'm wanting to make this a really fun experience for all of us! So, the Pop-Up Shop will open July 1st, 2010 until all the items are gone. All payments will be through Paypal and there are even a few treats for some of you lucky gals!

Until the big day I'll be editing and getting things ready. You; your job is to stay pumped up! And anytime your heart desires, you can click on the shop button in the right sidebar to check for updates!

Who's excited? I am!!!


Brooke Ann Dove said...

How exciting! Just another wonderful thing that the summer brings! Can't wait to see the shop!

Erin Wallace said...

This is an excellent idea, Roxanne! Will be looking forward to what you have to sell.

xo Erin

RedDirtRevival said...

ME! ME!!! I'm excited!!! I'm gonna save my pennies and buy something pretty from you!