happy weekend.

Wow, I can't believe it's the weekend already. This week flew and was 100% better than the last. In a huge part, thanks to all of you. There was blogging, shopping, picture taking and just about the yummiest drink ever (more on that next week).

I also went to one of six Farmer's Markets in town that opened this week and came away with a basket full of goodies. Fresh produce and meeting the people that grow it makes me so happy about eating. I'm already looking forward to next week!

Josh likes the eggs because they're brown and blue.

 My bounty, lettuce, leeks, swiss chard (aren't the stems gorgeous?), cilantro, radishes, roasted garlic bread, herbal citrus soap and the eggs pictured above. Ok, now I'm hungry!

Ooh and I bought beef (which I haven't really eaten since we moved here after seeing the farms in Kansas) from a local farm. Organic, free-range, grassfed and no hormones. Bring on the steak!

Josh had today off and we have lots of fun weekend projects before us; namely, the back patio. What are you up to this weekend? Something fabulous, I hope!

See you Sunday for a Pop-Up Shop announcement and The {flea}. Get excited and have a happy weekend. xo.


MeeshOne.Love said...

it took you saying "can't believe its the weekend already" for me to realize...its the weekend already!! this week did whiz by.
hooray farmers market! it makes me so happy when people shop local...one hundred fab points for you my dear! happy weekend!

Erin said...

That bread looks yummy! I can't believe you have six farmer's markets. I am so jealous.

MeeshOne.Love said...

thanks love!! i am going to go to that website you suggested right after i leave this comment! my fiance's (i am so excited everytime i say that!!) mom is actually giving me some diamonds from both grandmothers and of hers as well that i will add to my ring, which i think is the sweetest thing i have ever heard...i never thought about picking up a vintage setting but that is an excellent idea! we definitely want to do something custom and special to us, but if i can include all aspects of things i love it would be incredible! i'm sure ill be posting more wedding things...since thats all i can think about now! haha! so please help whenever you can! so much love. xoxo.

MeeshOne.Love said...
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