the perfect summer day.

Today was pretty much the perfect start to Summer. There was Lavender Lemonade; The Pop-Up Summer Shop and a very happy Birth Day (my mom get's to see Paul McCartney, lucky lady). I didn't think it could get better than that, but as I was sitting on the front stoop, Josh pulled up early than usual. He dug around the front seat and pulled out these and a heartfelt card!

I truly feel like the happiest girl in the world right now. It's funny how when you're having an ok day, one thing comes about that makes you look back and realize all the blessing bestowed on you. I love being sentimental and nostalgic (two of my favorite words); I prefer to live those feelings in the moment because someday, I might not get them back. Today was one of those days that I'll remember for a long time.

Tell me; how was your first day of Summer? Did you do anything special to celebrate?  I'm off to make a yummy Summer chicken and eat a cherry popsicle! See you all tomorrow for more goodness!


Erin said...

so sweet. the flowers are beautiful!

mkonieczki said...

SO SWEET! Mike randomly brings me flowers and potted plants (<- My FAVORITE) home too! Your lavender lemonade sounds AMAZING! I cant wait to try it on my own! Here in Chicago, I spent the evening in good company at Millenium Park with a picnic, listening to concerts. And then we had an incredible summer storm! I miss having a porch on nights like that... HAPPY SUMMER!