super {flea} sunday.

Good evening, kittens. Boy I didn't expect it to be this late, but we got totally carried away with our friends. There was steak, chicken, grilled mushroom, asparagus and the most amazing pasta salad. Pair that with gorgeous weather, yummy beer, lots of laughs and here I am.

Today's {flea} is short and sweet. I found this Belle and Howell Super 8 camcorder stuffed at the bottom of a box for just a few dollars.

The old batteries had exploded inside, but that was easy enough to clean. All I need now is some Super 8 film. Have any you'd like to share? I have no idea where to get the stuff, but I'd adore it if this worked. How fun would be to shoot home movies?

This week is going to be so much fun; I've got a little bit of everything coming your way, all while attempting to stay cool. Tomorrow is supposed to be one hundred degrees. Ick!

See you tomorrow. xo.


Erin said...

What a fun find! It would be fun to see some old school home movies.

Chelsea said...

Oooooh! Sweet find!