super {memorial day} sunday.

I know it's Tuesday, but I promised you all a fantastic {flea}, albeit a few days late. My long weekend was uh-mazing; Josh and I had such fun time kicking back and exploring. It was so refreshing. Enough of the mushy stuff though, how was your weekend? I want to hear all about your yummy eats and fun times. I want to share with you all this week some of the fun things we did together too.

But today, today, we have the {flea}. I have been itching all weekend to share my finds with you guys! Usually when I pick things up and photograph them, they go into rotation, but Saturday morning I got up early, had tea with my friend Julia for her birthday and then went on the prowl.

Can I please tell you I had a dozen sales mapped out and made it to one street! One! That's how many amazing things I found; all of the people in the neighboorhood thanked me when I left and one lady even hugged me! I'm just that good (ya...good at finding a deal).

Are you ready? You sure? I don't think you're ready. Ok...strap your socks on kittens, here comes a {Megaflea}!

Let' start with this little metal box. I paid a happy George Washington for it simply because I adored the chipped away fire engine red color. When I brought it into the house Josh said "you bought an ammo box?", so I guess that's what it is, a box for ammo. Although my 'ammo' is paint and yarn.

Across the street from where I got the ammo box was the cutest lady. She was totally frazzled and had on the craziest outfit you've ever seen (think a pretentious sunhat, stipes and polka dots); she was basically me in forty years (minus the mismatched patterns). We chatted for a half hour and I wanted to be her best friend and buy everything she had lovingly hauled out into her yard.

I came away with this vintage fan. The label engraved into the metal is completely worn off, but guess what? It works! That almost never happens. It'll be placed happily in our bedroom to cool us off at night.

I love the base of the fan for some odd reason.

Next I headed across the street where I found garage full of tools, terracotta pots, and colonial looking clothes (no really, like full blown petticoats). I'm not really planning on taking my style that far back anytime soon so I had given up hope. Then I spotted on the floor boxes upon boxes of records and a large case. Turns out that case contained a General Electric Wildcat (rawr!) record player.

This thing is seriously cool; it plays six records and is fully automatic. That's right, you stack your playlist up and the tone arm swings in and out, dropping records as needed. The gentleman even hooked it up for me in his garage and we listened to Joni Mitchell for a while.

I snagged ten records too and he and his wife let the turntable go for half of their asking price, I didn't even have to ask. That's one of my favorite parts of {flea}ing is meeting all the wonderful people out there and connecting with them over something as silly as a record player.

To my surprise when I came home to do a little research, the Wildcat is going anywhere from $75 to $150!!! I won't tell you how much I paid, but it isn't even ten percent. I can't wait to be able to stack my records and listen continuously as I craft; I think I may have more of a crush on this than my Crosley. The plain beige top too is going to get a little stay tuned for that! this has been the world's longest {flea}, but I've been attempting to build some anticipation. Can you feel it? Are you anticipating what's next? I seriously hope you're ready to geek out with my because this may be my all time favorite {flea} find!!!

I bought something else from Mrs. Frazzle. When I saw them in her driveway, my heart sank, I knew I had to have them but figured they'd be above and beyond my price range. I've seen them before at places like Rehab Vintage, Three Potato Four and Ebay for hundreds, sometimes even thousands of dollars.

Well... (can you feel the anticipation?) Mrs. Frazzle liked my idea so much, she made me the world's best deal ever. And I mean *ever*. After we loaded them in the trunk, we shared a gleeful hug and she requested I bring back pictures; seriously, the sweetest woman ever!

When I pulled up the drive, Josh looked at me like I had eight heads, but now, ladies and gentleman, in our home, for a stellar deal, we are now the proud owners of these.....

Squeeee!!! Are you geeking out? I have geunine vintage Worley lockers I'm still in awe. They're the original baby blue with beige on the sides, slanted top and successive numbers. I am so stoked to have found these. It was a match made in {flea} heaven! They even have the cute little hooks on the inside to hang your coat.

I haven't quite decided what to do with them. My first thought was to put them in the loft on either side of the t.v. to house our dvd's and bring some height against the enourmous catherdral wall.And someday when we have kiddos they can store their cute little things inside. But for now I'm having fun gazing at them and shoving this and that in them for little photoshoots. I'm having more fun with these lockers than I ever did in school!

Here's the records I snagged and a soft native inspired blanket.

So that's in kittens, my {Megaflea}! I hope it knocked your socks off. I want to know...what would you do with the lockers? If I opened your cute little blue door, what would spill out? I really want to hear your ideas!

I'm taking applications for locker buddies if you're interested. Tomorrow I have some more adventures to share, photos and lots beautiful inspiration. See you then!


Jennifer said...

I can't believe I'm the first person to comment on this! I love love love the record player. And the lockers are amazing! I would probably store craft supplies or books in them, but would be tempted to keep 1 or 2 open as decorative elements.

Erin Wallace said...

LOVE *love!* those lockers! The color is fantastic and think of all you could do with them! Also, I hope you LOVE your record player. I have a Stack-O-Matic and it is The Best!

xo Erin

diane said...

oh my!!!

what a wonderful combination of flea scores.

the fan, the record player, AND the lovely lockers?

soooo excited for you!


aubrey said...

Wow! Everything is awesome but the record player and lockers are especially great! The lockers are so versatile--you can use them in any room of the house! So fun!

grrfeisty said...

holy crappppp. i love the lockers!! :D

VeganCraftastic said...

What great finds, especially the lockers!

Chelsea said...

So. Effing. Jealous!!! I've been searching for lockers to use as a pantry in our kitchen for over a year and they're always super expensive! You got uber lucky!!