bus love.

I've been noticing something lately around the Springs; I have moved into the land of my dream car. Now lots of people will say their dream car is something fancy; a Ferrari, BMW, or something obscure like the Bat Mobile. But me? I'm a simple gal. All I wish for is a VW Bus.

 The Springs is covered in them; to the point where I'm starting to recognize each bus and the driver. Cool, right? My favorite is a mandarin orange and white little number that I constantly see cruising around town.

I find myself day dreaming alot lately about what color combination I would paint my beloved. Turquoise and White tops my list, followed closely by this fantastic paint job. So pretty and feminine, *sigh*.

and this one...

What would your paint job look like? Bold or subtle? There's even a bus in town that's completely covered in stickers! 

(Is anyone else scared for the donkey in this photo? I am)

I used to think owning a Bus was an unattainable goal, but moving here has restored my faith. A junky little mechanic shop down the street has one sitting out front....with a for sale sign. This week Josh and I plan on inquiring about it. Something about the dirt cheap price tell me it either needs a ton of work or is a kit car, but cross your fingers for me, please?

pictures from all over the web, please leave a comment if you have sources.

Who knows, maybe someday soon we'll be taking sweet photos leaning against our psychedelic and totally rad VW. A girl can dream, right?

See you kittens tomorrow with some fun weekend photos and pretty inspiration. xo.


divamcknitster said...

I love microbuses too. The irony is that 2 families on my block have 3 buses - a dark green, a lime green (this one had been MIA for a while i think they just got it back) and they used to have a band-aid colored one. And I see a red one advertising a pub not far from my house. Good luck on the one you have your eye on!

ImplausibleYarn said...

I have a microbus, not for daily use, its sitting at my parents needing work. They sure do have...quirks. Mine for example is only startable with a screwdriver. If you buy it I have a couple of books on vw bus repair I can recommend to you. You'll need it.

Michael J Kaiser said...

Pictures 5 & 7 are not VW buses, but a Subaru Sumber. Easy mistake. Looks like you prefer the pre-1968 style, or the "Split Window" or "Splitty". The style with the single front windshield is called a "Bay Window". Depending on the condition, even a badly damaged splitty can go for a lot of money. Then again "a lot of money" is relative...

Check out the restoration I did on my 1974 Westy campmobile; http://www.flickr.com/photos/michaelkaiser/sets/72157602187902913/

MeeshOne.Love said...

oh girl i feel ya! my dream car is a baby blue vintage jeep grand wagoneer with wood paneling and chocolate brown terry cloth interior. not so glam to most...but i might actually pee if i got one! haha!
i adore busses...i think they're so classically rad! i hope you get one!!

jane said...

i love the split screen campervans so much! I love the colours and the interiors and the go-with-what-you've-got lifestyle they seem to be so well paired with. I love that other people love them too, and do them up, and maintain them, and try and keep everything as original and perfect as possible. I WANT ONE. My second favourite vehicle, aside from my bike, is a Nissan figaro - a slightly more attainable goal for me.
Crossing my fingers for you!!

doulaknitter said...

I grew up camping in one of those camper vans with the pop-up top. I was the youngest camper so I usually had to sleep in the hammock style cot that hung from door to door across the front lol I also remember the steering wheel being so big you could sit in it! Well, as a small child with a very skinny butt lol