forever pinstripes.

Today my sister-in-law headed home and I woke up to some really sad news. The New York Yankees long time owner, George Steinbrenner passed away. I'm pretty bummed.

That may seem silly to some of you, but the Yankees, in my family, are a sort of extension of us. We live and breathe baseball and my Dad grew up visiting Yankee stadium with his father. He wrote Steinbrenner once; saying how much he appreciated the team, not only for the entertainment, but how it brought us all together, over generations of fathers, daughters and sons. 

Being the stand up man he is, Steinbrenner wrote my father back. For a team that gets a lot of hate mail, he told my father how much he appreciated our family's support and how much the team had brought his family together over the years. The man was simply put; a good person, a savvy businessman and a sports genius. I know I'm going to miss this Yankee great. 

Josh and I have alot of catching up to do today, but later this evening I have a super fun post for you! Tomorrow I'll have pictures from my weekend and a cute little project. xo.

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