happy weekend.

Hi everyone, it's Kellie from On The Brink Of Something Beautiful to wish you a happy weekend! Weekends in Spring and Summer in FL are the best. It's the perfect time to spend more time outdoors and one of my favorite outdoor activities is going on picnics....whether it be with a friend or 2, a cute boy, or even just by myself.

So here is my list of essentials for the perfect summertime picnic. Enjoy!
- fresh fruit
- a starbucks frap
- a good book
- a journal and pen
- an amazing sandwich
- a frisbee
- the cutest quilt to lie on
-my ipod
-flip flops
- camera

and because my life isnt complete with music- heres my picnic playlist:
oh no oh my! - walk in the park
camera obscura- the sweetest thing
feist- i feel it all
mgmt- kids
lenka- the show
the temper trap- sweet disposition
phoenix- the girlfriend
passion pit- moths wings
regina spektor- eet
louis armstrong- a kiss to build a dream on
slow club- thinking drinking sinking feeling
sam phillips- how to dream
jamiroquai- 7 days in sunny june
the byrds- hey mr. tambourine

What does your perfect weekend picnic look like???

happy friday!
 - Kel


Hearthandmade said...

i love all these photos!!!! Id love a weekend picnic... just gimie sammiches, a basket and some lemonade from Belvoir fruit farms!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

:) thanks for allowing me to be apart of your blog this week!!!

amylou said...

that is an excellent list of essentials! might have to make picnic plans this weekend. =)

Sal said...

sounds like the perfect picnic!! beautiful shots!

Robyn said...

That pretty much described my perfect picnic. Throw in spf 40 for those of us who are crazy pale, and it's a date.

Roxanne said...

No, thank you Kellie :) I adore you! And Robyn, I get tan and still need 50 spf ;)

Annah said...

Love the last picture and LOVE Kids by MGMT... hmm that Andrew is YUMMY! I'm stealing this playlist and going to check it out. :)

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

just wanted to leave photography credits.... all photos on this post were found via weheartit.com (none are mine, although I wish they were!!!)

Claudia said...

nice place you have here - I enjoyed reading and also the fantastic pictures!