super {flea} sunday.

Happy Sunday, kittens! It's an absolutely beautiful day here; perfect temps, perfect sunshine and a perfect breeze. Josh and I are going to hit up a few garage sales before tackling the mountain of things we need to get done. 

I have a few things in mind that I'm looking for, but one thing I wasn't looking for, is this week's {flea}.
You know when you spot something and you just 'know' that it's good, well I knew when I spotted this chair at my favorite thrift that there was something about it.

It's the most luscious shade of mustard leather with metal framing and wooden arm rests. To my surprise, the North Carolina company that produced this was huge in the mid-century modern heyday. After a little research, I realized that I found it for a song; similar, more damaged models are going for $250-$300. 

I also snagged the thermos set for three bucks! It should come with two, but one is good enough for me and I know I'll be carrying that bag come Autumn time. It's cute, but not on the chair, I have the perfect pillow to add once I get it all into place. It's making me itch more and more to start redecorating our living room. Soon...soon, I hope.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little {flea}! Tomorrow one of my favorite bloggers is going to guest posting for you and I'll see you soon after. Have an awesome start to the week! xo.


Erin Wallace said...

That chair is so cool, Roxanne! What are you going to do with it - you need to take pics and share with us!

xo Erin

Jennifer said...

so i just got back from vacation and checked my mail only to find an AMAZING package waiting for me! i LOVE the yarn & can't wait to read the book - thank you so much rox!! hope you had a wonderful weekend :) xoxoxo!

Anna said...

I just found a thermos set almost exactly like that at the thrift last week! It has two thermoses (sp?) and 3 plastic containers for sandwiches. I was thinking the same as you, perfect for an autumn picnic.

speck said...

Three cheers for thrift!