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Happy Monday kittens! I hope your week is off to a great start. I wanted to pop in and say hello, I miss you bunches. Did you read Chelsea's Super {flea} Sunday yesterday? I'm really lusting after her typewriter.

I have another fabulous guest for you tomorrow, but to today I wanted to share a few quick pics from my little weekend adventure. Josh knows I really like the winter olympics and surprised me on a scorching day with a trip the US Figure Skating Museum and Hall of Fame. I knew that alot of olympic training went on here in town, but has no idea there was a museum. 

I kind of geek out over figure skating, when I was little I wanted to be Kristi Yamaguchi. It never really happened for me, but I loved seeing all of the costumes, medals, olympic paraphernalia and learning alot of the history I had no idea about. 

This was most definitely the highlight for me. An Andy Warhol original of Dorthy Hamill. It wasn't behind glass, and there were no curators. In fact, we were encouraged to touch and take pictures of whatever we liked. It's not every day you get to run your fingers over his brushstrokes.

I credit my dad for my love of the winter games and I know he would've loved all of the pins from over the years. His collection is small in comparison to this one; there were literally thousands.

I remembered some of the costumes vividly from my childhood and seeing the graphic posters, skates from the 1800's and actual gold medals was really, really cool. 

The museum was also really true to the spirit and history of figure skating. The world's first competitive female figure skater actually places first, but was given second place because she was a woman.

I also had no idea there were synchronized skating competitions. Yes, a  dozen women all on the ice, twirling and swirling to music. They had a video loop of the shows and I kept hoping they wouldn't all run into one another or fall and collapse like dominoes. 

I enjoyed their trophies the most; they're made just for synchronized skate competitions and have perfect vintage style.

It was a great surprise and way to beat the heat. If you're ever in the Springs, I highly recommend it. What other museum can you get into for just five bucks? 

Enjoy every moment of your week friends. I'll see you later this week, but be sure to come back tomorrow for a super, super cute guest post! xo.

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Jessica said...

When you come to visit we're going to Lake Placid! You'll love it there, if you haven't been already of course lol.