polaroid versus instax.

I have quite a hefty polaroid camera collection; plenty of pretty and rare cameras that sit on my mantle and lovingly stare at me. But with discontinued film at a premium, I'm really wanting a new instant camera. Polaroid and Instax are both great cameras from what I've read; reasonably priced and film is decent. But I just can't decide. So I want to hear your opinions. New Polaroid or Instax? Why?


Or Instax?

And can we agree that they both look identical? I just wonder about going with Instax and having to order film strictly online or drive an hour north to Urban Outfitter. Decisions, decisions. See you on {flea} day. xo.


Erin Wallace said...

If you can save some money and still get that Polaroid magic, I say, go for it!

xo Erin

RedDirtRevival said...

I just bought two polaroids today! One is exactly like the one inyour picture, and the other is a black version of that with a flip-up flash!