super {flea} sunday.

It's Sunday again! And I feel as though I haven't been around lately. It feels good to be here right now, for a lot of different reasons. My weekend was quite lovely and I can't wait to share pictures this week. I also hope you'll bear with me these next few days; I just got a new computer and have been learning all the new little ins, out and transferring over my pictures and important schtuff. 

I've sort of been hoarding my {flea} finds too! There was a bit of a lull; Summertime often means garage sales and thifts are picked over and busy every day. But these past two weeks I've found a lot of amazing things, on the cheap (dirt cheap). 

This week I wanted to share the cutest little clock and figurine I found at a new shop my friend Shannon discovered.

The Alice in Wonderland figurine is dated 1960 and was probably a Disney souvenir. I strongly identify with her and knew she had to sit on top of my Grammie's jewelry box. At another store I just happened to snag the sweet little turquoise Forestville clock before someone else did. It was made in West Germany and still works! The ticking however, kept me up the first night, so I wound it down and will just admire it until I find a spot outside of our bedroom for it. I think they both look pretty cute with my mustard ceramics. I now desperately need some art on the wall behind it. 

Today is a very lazy day and my sister-in-law leaves soon. I'll be out tomorrow, but will see you all on Tuesday with some fun weekend pictures! Don't forget too, The 60/40 Pop-Up Summer Shop still has lots of goodies. Have a great start to the week. xo.


RedDirtRevival said...

Oh I love it so much!

Erin said...

Love the clock! I look forward to seeing your photos from this weekend.

Erin Wallace said...

If Alice is a Disney suovenier, she'll say Disney on the bottom. My mom dealt in antiques for a time and all reall Disney stuff is marked. But she's gorgeous, nonetheless, and even if she's not Disney, she's such a good likeness that if you got her for a few bucks you got a great deal!


Shary Lopez said...

I'm an Alice fan as well and am really jealous of your new figurine. :)

Roxanne said...

Erin, I looked at the bottom and it indeed says "1960 Walt Disney Productions". I think I'm going to research a little further about its worth.

Missy said...

I love love love alice! I am so addicted to Alice in Wonderland. What a lovely blog!
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Stop by and take a peek!
Love Missy