they make me happy.

Hello there! My name is Erin Wallace, author of Dropped Stitches. I am so thrilled to be here writing a post for my buddy Roxanne. Blogging is a funny thing. You get to pour your soul out, and people actually want to read it! And you get to meet absolutely wonderful people. Roxanne is among the most wonderful of those wonderful people.

Dropped Stitches started out as a knitting blog, but then I started posting cool photographs that I took and that I found on the web. Pretty soon, I was writing posts about my life, a recipe here or there, and talking about my faith walk. My goal is to make my blog a thoughtful, often happy, and relaxing place.

Every Friday I write a post called “They Make Me Happy.” I thought a lot about what to write for Roxanne, and realized that my Friday posts probably sum up my blog best. Plus it gives me the chance to post some pretty pictures. I LOVE pretty pictures. For all of you, These Make Me Happy:

*peonies are one of my favorites -Rox

:: Large cones of unbleached cotton
:: Cicada song; the sound of summer
:: Watching my three-year-old “play” the guitar while he serenades me with his soul searching melodies: “The dog went bye-bye in the car, in the car. They are all okay in the car.” (I also learned today that he can do the belly roll. Now that was Something!)
:: Twilight fields full of lightening bugs, working their magic

:: Daisy chains
:: Lazy summer days lost on hammocks and porch swings
:: The first daffodils of spring
:: Hedgehogs. You should see my daughter’s hedgehog. Most adorable thing Ever!

:: Unexpected letters from long ago friends
:: Little girls walking around town in tutus and tiaras
:: Ice cream sandwiches
:: Fat robins, hopping through the grass, listening for worms

:: Old movies in Amazing Technicolor!
:: Big, old brick farm houses
:: Ancient, gnarled jade plants, preferably in bloom.

All photos property of Erin Wallace

Thank you, Roxanne, for having me! I hope you’ve had a day full of things that Make You Happy!

*Erin, thank you so very much. You're too kind. xo -Roxanne


Char said...

what a great list. i adore fireflies and they always make me thing of magical things.

beautiful write and photographs

Claudia said...

Lovely pictures as always - and such peaceful words - I started to dream - and I LOVE daisy chains...and even more when they're in some little girls hair

Manda said...

Can I just say.... "Erin, you make me happy. Your heart is a gift in my blog world."

Mama's Viewfinder said...

Those are gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing what makes you happy!

AlyGatr said...

For the record, your beeyootiful pics make ME happy :)

Erin Wallace said...

Roxanne - thanks for your sweet sweet comment! I'll guest for you any time! You are the coolest and I'm so happy to have gotten to know you, if only in blog form.

xo Erin