I am truly loosing my noggin. I spent all day cleaning, painting and preparing for my out of town visitor, when all I wanted to be doing was reading my favorite blogs and catching up with all of you. Well, 'aww, shit', I just sat down and it's almost 3 am! My friend arrives in just a few hours and I feel as though I have tons to do. 

So accept my apologies for my generally craptastic blog behavior. I miss you all mighty much and I have an enormous list of fun things to share with you; a funny gift from a friend (which I promise wont disappoint), some beautiful art and a few of my favorite things. Where do I find the time? Can someone jump into a space-time continuum and buy me a few more hours? I would promise your rainbows and gumdrops forever!

Today will be low key after I pick up my friend; a little grocery shopping,  returning some emails (if you're waiting on me, I promise I'll chat your ear off tomorrow), a trip to the post office and then tonite....tonite I'm all yours! I'll be bringing you a happy weekend, a rare Saturday post and super fun {flea} on Sunday! 

Never fear kittens, I'll find my head rolling around here somewhere soon. Time to get it on straight! Have an awesome Thursday. xo. 


Hearthandmade said...

this picture made me laugh!! i do this all the time.. i signed in to my google reader and have 164 items to read since yesterday... im so tempted to mark all as read and go for a nap!! xo

grrfeisty said...

have fun with your friend! hopefully you get to rest up soon! + this photos is amazing!